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I Forgot my Gmail Password

Common login problmes and their solutions

Being one of the foremost gmail private tech support service provider, we often come acorss repetitive issues that the users worry about the most. frankly speaking, they are not the kind of issues that will need much tehncial expertise but often due toa lack of time, technial understanding or both invididually, we are called to the sight to resolve them. Login problmes of Gmail are frequenlty occuring prblems and are indeed counted among the errors that you can also fix on your own. so, keep on reading to understand the solution just in case you want to have backup infoarmtion about them:

I forgot my Gmail password/I lost my Gmail password

Often users unintentionally end up initiating the trouble by forgetting their own passwords. but relax, it is not the end of the world and certainly not the end of your account. you can relax and get it back anytime you want with some simple optons of verification and resetting.

Open the page of Gmail sign in and then select the need help button and click on it. after that choose I forgot my gmail password option and go ahead with the recovery protocol. here, no rocket scienece is needed as you only need to make yur account information known to initiate the protocol. one you have identified the account ofr the protocol, you will be needed to follow it up with the

verifcation which is really simple and quick. for verification, choose the option regarding how and on what contact option would you like to receive a code. as soon as you receive the code on yoru selected option, you can confirm about the code and if the code's accesspted then it means, you are verified. then you will be automatically taken to the page where you will get the opporutnity to save a new password. and, that's the end of it.

My account got hacked and password has been changed

This can be stated as a security-login error for which you can use any of the options of Gmail password reset or Gmail account recovery. The former is focussed at enablng you to access the acocunt and get a new password and the latter oen focusses at only making the account accessible for you if the access has been compromised.

For this you will need to follow the same procedure as for the problem of 'forgot my gmail password' and then reset your password. if there is any problem with the verification or if you have noticed that you password recovery-verification settings have been altered/deleted by the hacker then it is time to give us a call.

if you still have confusion regarding the matter of 'forgot my gmail password' and its solution, don't worry and feel free to give us a call anytime.

There are many other problmes login errors like blocked account, correct password not being accepted, temporary access blocked etc issue. for any of these incidents, contact our professional service right away.