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Google Account Recovery

For fixing of Gmail account problems

For any login problem like Gmail password recovery, you can find solutions with the professional assistance of our expert team.

We have noticed issues regarding blocked account, lost passwords etc a lot that users report. There is a genuine reason being the high number of occurrence of this problem and it is that users don't know about the security settings upgradation. Keep on reading how we can make the journey of password and account recovery easy for you.

The solution of Google account recovery

When there is an issue in your Google account such as a temporary or permanent or accidental blockage of the account or account locked, unable to open the account or any such similar issue that is blocking you from using your account, you can fix it through simple management of account recovery.

The recovery process is very easy and doesn't take much time to resolve. It is very much like the Gmail password recovery method in which you will need to just identify and verify the process. Just within minutes, you will be able to get access to your account again. The process works through these steps:

  1. Open the process by accessing the link to need help on the sign in page of Google accounts (Gmail)
  2. Once you click on it, you will be given few options from which you will have to choose the option of recover my account/lost access to my account
  3. Now, just provide the email id for which you have lost access to the protocol
  4. After that you will be required to complete the verification as suggested in the protocol instructions

Use the code that you receive in your alternate email or the phone number to get your identity confirmed and verified. After the verification is done, you will be able to finish the Gmail account recovery protocol.

What if some problem arises during verification?

When any problem regarding verification occurs, you should either contact the official Google team. Or, for faster servicing, you should contact us.

We provide expert servicing for all technical problems and any technical assistance requirements regarding Gmail. You can contact our expert team for receiving instructions over the phone about any problem in your account. Or you can get any of our experts at your house to fix the issue for you easily. Through our onsite assistance option, we immediately dispatch our proficient and experienced service professional to the addresses of the users. As a matter of fact, we make remote help also receivable for all the users who are not located nearby our center.

Our onsite service is not limited just to the service to home addresses but we also give the option of servicing at business addresses. In fact, we also give our long term servicing though as per call visits per month to the businesses who work on large number of Gmail accounts for their employees.

Separate service packages for different purpose like security management of account, login issues management, and single server sub Gmail accounts management etc. For any charges and information regarding the packages, you can call us anytime.